Weed Mat

  • black woven weed mat
  • black woven weed mat
  • black woven weed mat
black woven weed matblack woven weed matblack woven weed mat

black woven weed mat

  • hdpe
  • life time 5 years
  • Product description: weed mat is used for protect the plants.

Silt Fences are an integral part of an erosion and sediment control plan for earthworks sites. Silt Fence is a temporary barrier of geotextile fabric used to retain silt and sediment and avoid silt pollution into rivers, drains and sensitive environments.

Silt Fence can be supplied with a full complement of silt fence accessories including Steel Y Posts, 2.5mm tensioning wire and safety caps. Silt Fences and Super Silt Fences are typically installed on earthworks sites at the downstream boundary or immediately downstream of soil stockpiles.

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